Bot takeover in Sunshine Conversations

Bot Takeover is when your human agent wants to give a conversation back to your chatbot. In this article, we'll share an overview of how to hand a conversation from one of your Zendesk agents back to a bot. 

For a bot to take over the conversation from your human agent, you will need to create a connection in the Bot Takeover section which is found in Bot Settings, located in the right sidebar menu.

Go to “Bot Takeover”. Here you will have to add a connection that exactly matches with "PassControlEvent" and define the destination Module in "Go to". Be aware that "PassControlEvent" is case-sensitive.

Please see the image below as a reference:


Once you have the connection set up, click Save & Publish. For your Zendesk agents to successfully hand over a conversation back to the bot, they'll have to enter the following string in the messaging field:




We recommend saving the string as a Macro in Zendesk so all your agents can quickly select it and avoid typing it in.

Please be aware that every time you make a change related to takeover functionality, you'll need to publish the bot in order for the changes to be applied in the Zendesk bot.