Right sidebar menu

The right sidebar menu of the bot-building canvas provides access to all the tools you need to create a chatbot flow, as this is where you can create Modules, manage your AI, and establish Global Connections

This sidebar menu is not fixed, so you may only see a white half-circle toward the top right of the Certainly Platform. If you hover your cursor over the white half-circle, the menu will appear. The menu will become fixed if you click the white half-circle.


In this article, we'll provide a brief overview of this menu's options, as shown below:


Bot Settings

In Bot Settings, you can change the Settings of your bot, integrate your bot to a Channel, access Global Connections, create a Persistent Menu, establish Bot Takeover connections, and edit the Certainly Widget Alt Text. 

AI Manager

In the AI Manager, you can create domains, intents, and example sentences. You can import an Excel sheet with this information as well. Finally, you can train your AI for a more clever chatbot solution.

Global Connections

In Global Connections, you can create connections that work everywhere in the bot. This is particularly helpful for responding to an end user's freely written input.

Add new Module

You can choose between two types of Modules: Statement Modules and Collector Modules. Statement Modules are the most commonly used Modules in a chatbot flow, and Collector Modules are often used to complement the Statement Modules. 

Import Modules

With the Template button, you can download a template to create your Modules in a CSV file and import these Modules into your chatbot.