Takeover conversation flow


A takeover takes place when an external agent or 3rd party hands over execution back to the bot after a takeover by the external agent from the bot (as seen in points 1 and 2 in the diagram above) with the request point 7, as follows: 

GET /webbot/api/webchat/{botId}/takeover/{user_id}/

The conversation guided by the human agent loops between points 3 and 6 until the agent gives back the control to the bot with this Endpoint. Here, the bot is set back to conversation mode.

If the 'ClaimEnd' query parameter is passed, it can hold the value that will be used by the bot (through the previously configured connections) in order to route the user to the next Module to continue the conversation.

GET /webbot/api/webchat/{botId}/takeover/{user_id}/?ClaimEnd=value