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Requirements for an AI import file (Excel)

In the table below, you can see a full overview of what is accepted when importing an Excel sheet to the AI Manager. 

Format Accepted use of the format Unaccepted use of the format

The Excel sheet should be renamed to match the Domain name and should contain at least one Intent;

Domain names must be below 128 characters

Domains cannot be in a header row;

Domains cannot be placed in a cell;

Domains cannot import if they don't have at least one Intent attached;

The upload will fail if Domains have empty spaces after Domain name


Intents should always be in the header row and should belong to a Domain in a tab;

Intents can be imported without any sentences added (not recommended);

Intent names must be below 128 characters

Intents cannot be in a tab;

Intents will not import if placed in other rows than the header row;

Intents will not be imported if it doesn't belong to a Domain;

The upload will fail if the Intents have empty spaces after the intent name

Sentences  Sentences should always be in cells below an Intent

Sentences should not be in tabs;

Sentences not accepted without an Intent in the header row and a Domain in a tab

Empty cells  Accepted as long as it's not a cell in the header row -
Empty columns Allowed, but not recommended -
Duplicated spaces between words or at start/ end of sentence Accepted in an import, but the duplicated spaces will automatically be removed in the import
Same text where capitalization is the only difference 

Text where only difference is capitalization is imported just once;

Example: If two Intents have the same spelling but different capitalization, only one will be imported. Sentences from both Intents will be added to the single imported Intent.

Emojis Accepted in sentences Not accepted in Domains or Intents
Punctuation Allowed in sentences and Intents Not allowed in Domains
Hidden tabs/ sheets Not accepted Use of hidden tabs will cause the sheet not to be imported
URLs Not accepted Use of URLs will cause the sheet not to be imported