Policies for pushing content on Facebook Messenger

To be able to use your bot to push content on Facebook Messenger, there are a few Facebook policies you will need to comply with.

We we'll go through the following in this article:

Entry point

For you to be able to communicate with end users using your bot on Facebook Messenger, the end user will need to initiate contact with your business. This is also called an entry point for conversations. Please refer to Facebook’s definition of an entry point in their documentation

Once an end user has initiated a conversation with your business, you can send three types of messages: standard, news, and sponsored.

Standard messaging

To be able to send a standard message, you will have to comply with the 24+1 policy. This policy means that you have up to 24 hours to reply to an end user’s message plus you can send an additional message outside of the 24-hour window. To read more about the 24+1 rule please refer to Facebook's documentation on the subject.

There are a few instances where you can avoid the 24+1 policy. Please see their documentation on message tags and one-time notifications.

News messaging

Sending non-promotional news messages is only available for pages that are registered for Facebook News Page Index (NPI). You can read more about this in Facebook's documentation.

Sponsored messaging

Sponsored messaging is a type of paid advertisement that is sent via the Facebook Marketing API. It allows you to reach out to users you have previously engaged in conversations with on Facebook Messenger and who have not blocked your bot. This type of messaging is often outside the 24-hour messaging window. Please refer to Facebook's documentation on sponsored messaging.