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Languages supported by Certainly's prebuilt AI model (selected Intents)

This article provides an overview of all languages supported by our prebuilt AI model.

Intents express what chatbot visitors want to do or search for. This means that you can make use of Certainly's rich data set of Example Sentences. Example Sentences are the various ways chatbot visitors might express an Intent​.

Read more about these AI terms.

Below, you'll find an overview of the status of our language data:

Language Status
Danish Supported
Dutch Supported
English Supported
Finnish Supported
French Supported
German Supported
Italian Supported
Norwegian Supported
Polish Supported
Portuguese Supported
Romanian Supported
Russian Supported
Spanish Supported
Swedish Supported

Supported means Certainly owns prebuilt data nursing Intents such as "Hello" and "Thank you", or ecommerce Intents like "Order status" and "Delivery times". These Intents can be used right out of the box. We recommend taking advantage of them!

Of course, you can build up an AI model in any other language yourself. Certainly's AI Manager supports any language as long as it uses left-to-right scripts.