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IP Addresses to whitelist

If you want to whitelist any of our IPs for allowing request to your interfaces, you need to check the two items below:

  1. Conversation Manager (hosted in Azure Cloud): This is the service that fires Webhooks to 3rd party applications during Conversation Time. Bots rely on this service to fetch and pull data from/to other services. Please whitelist the following:
    • IP Addresses:
  1. Certainly Platform (hosted in an AKS cluster in AWS): This is our web application used to create and configure the requests that bots will use later on during Conversation Time.  The Webhook Builder tool allows you to test these requests. Please whitelist the following:
    • CNAME:
    • IP Addresses:

To improve the reliability and scalability of the Certainly Platform, we plan to release changes by April 29th, 2024, that will require you to update your whitelisted IPs. New IPs:


Previously whitelisted IPs, if listed above, should be kept.


IP Addresses Changelog

  • April 29th, 2024
  • November 29th, 2023