How the Certainly Widget uses cookies

In this article, we'll share information regarding cookies used by the Certainly Widget.

We'll address these topics:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing a short string of numbers and letters automatically placed by a website into the cookies folder of your browser. Cookies are generally used to make a website easier and faster to use.

The cookie recognizes that a device is or has accessed the website and acts accordingly, depending on what the cookie is designed to do. Mostly cookies perform mundane but necessary tasks.

How does Certainly use cookies?

Here, we'll touch on a few key points regarding our cookie use:

Cookies used by the Certainly Widget

The Certainly Widget uses the following two cookies for our usage tracking tool, which counts users and sessions:

  • ai_session
  • ai_user

Consent and cookies

The cookies used by Certainly are sent to your computer or mobile device as soon as the page your bot's widget code is deployed on is displayed. As a result, we infer consent for these and other cookies if you use our widget.

No sensitive information in cookies

None of the cookies we use contain or pass personal, confidential, financial information or any other information that could be used to identify individual visitors using the Certainly Widget.

Refusing cookies

Using your browser settings, you are free to refuse cookies. However, for purely technical reasons, this may cause errors when trying to use our widget.

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