Generative AI Guidelines

At Certainly, our generative AI guidelines maintain brand integrity and positive user experiences by ensuring consistent, accurate, and appropriate communication aligned with our values and goals.

This help center article will help you better understand how Generative AI works and how it can be implemented within our platform. We will cover the following topics:

How Guidelines are Used

Generative AI guidelines are a critical component in shaping the responses of Certainly's AI-powered chatbots. These guidelines act as a framework to ensure that the generated content aligns with your company’s values, brand voice, and user expectations. By setting clear and concise guidelines, you can maintain consistency, relevance, and appropriateness in the interactions between your chatbot and users.

Generated replies are impacted by a combination of two key elements:

  1. Universal Guidelines: These guidelines apply universally, regardless of what users ask about. They ensure that all responses adhere to the desired tone, style, and content boundaries, maintaining a consistent brand voice and appropriate interaction standards.

  2. Specific Content Retrieval: During conversations, Certainly retrieves specific business-related content that is filtered based on what the end user is chatting about. This ensures that the replies are not only aligned with the general guidelines but also highly relevant and specific to the user's queries, providing accurate and contextually appropriate information.

Best Practices for Crafting Guidelines

  1. Define Your Brand Voice:

    • Establish a clear brand personality that your chatbot should embody. Whether formal, friendly, humorous, or professional, consistency is key.
    • Example: "Use casual language and emoticons to create a welcoming tone."
  2. Specify Tone and Style:

    • Ensure the tone of responses matches the context of user interactions. For instance, a customer support chatbot might require a more empathetic tone, while a sales chatbot might be more enthusiastic and persuasive.
    • Example: "For customer support queries, Certainly's chatbot should respond with empathy and understanding. Use phrases like 'I understand how you feel' or 'I'm here to help'. For sales inquiries, be enthusiastic and positive. Use phrases like 'You’ll love our new product' or 'I can offer you a great deal'."
  3. Define Specific Behaviors for Specific Topics:

    • Establish clear behavioral guidelines for how the chatbot should respond to specific topics. This ensures that the responses are contextually appropriate and relevant to the user's queries.
    • Example: "Certainly's chatbot guides users on refunds with clear steps like 'I apologize for the inconvenience. Please provide your order number for processing.'"
  4. Set Content Boundaries:

    • Identify and communicate topics that are off-limits for your chatbot to discuss. This helps avoid inappropriate or irrelevant content generation.
    • Example: "Certainly's chatbot doesn't handle personal matters. Redirect users politely, saying 'I can't assist with personal issues, but I can help with questions about Certainly.'"
  5. Incorporate User Intent:

    • Understand the common intents of your users and tailor guidelines to provide relevant and helpful responses.
    • Example: "When users ask about products, Certainly's chatbot shares details like prices and features to help them make decisions."
  6. Be Precise and Clear:

    • Provide specific, clear guidelines to avoid ambiguity. Conflicting or vague guidelines can result in mixed or inconsistent responses from the chatbot.

Continuously review and update guidelines based on user feedback and changing business needs.

Not sure how to create your guidelines? We're here to help! Reach out to us, and we will guide you towards setting up the best guidelines tailored to your specific use case.

Exploring Generative AI Settings

Now that we have covered the definitions of the Generative AI guidelines, let's explore how to access and modify these settings.

Once you are in the Conversation Builder platform, navigate to the top right side and hover over the hidden tab. This action will display a menu. From this menu, select "Bot Settings."



This will open a new window displaying the bot's settings. At the top of the menu bar, you will see "Generative AI." Here, you can add tailored instructions for your bot. Certainly provides a set of initial rules to help your bot respond more appropriately based on your company's needs.

These guidelines and rules will help your bot provide more accurate and natural responses to your customers. In this section, you can also apply advanced settings for your Generative AI. For more details, click here to review the article on Generative AI Advanced Settings.