Basic Bot Templates versus DIY Bot

To get you ready to create your own chatbot, we've developed a video series that gives you a brief overview of the Certainly Platform and its functions. You can check it out here: 

Please note that while the video may display a previous version of the platform, the content in this article reflects the most recent updates.

Once you understand the basics of the Certainly Platform, you're ready to build your bot! When you first enter the platform to create your new chatbot, you can choose between four different options, as shown below:

Four bot template options displayed at top of Certainly Platform Bot List page

Feel free to test all four to determine which best suits your needs. We will provide a brief overview of the different functionalities each bot type offers.

Whichever bot type you choose, know that there are many resources in our Help Center to assist you in every stage of your bot-building journey, and our Customer Success team is never more than a few clicks away!

Basic E-Commerce Bot Template

The Basic E-Commerce Bot Template is designed for ecommerce businesses who want a head start on building their chatbot.

In addition to the essential support content included in the Basic Support Bot Template, this option also includes ecommerce-related content. A bot built from this template will be capable of answering ecommerce FAQs, linking to human support, integrating with third-party systems to access additional information, and more.

Learn more about the Basic E-Commerce Bot and how to use this template.

Basic Zendesk Bot Template

If you’re looking to launch your bot on the Zendesk channel as quickly as possible, the Basic Zendesk Bot Template is for you.

A bot created from this template will search your Help Center for relevant articles based on visitor questions and offer support through tickets or chat. It can also, amongst other functionalities, measure CSAT and facilitate the handover process.

Dive deeper into the Basic Zendesk Bot and how to use this template.

Basic Support Bot Template

The Basic Support Bot Template is one of the easiest solutions for your chatbot project.

A bot built from this template will incorporate contextual information gathered from visitor input to guide the visitor through a process. The Basic Support Bot will answer FAQs, identify visitor needs, connect to human support, and integrate with third-party systems to gain more valuable information.

This is a great option for reducing time spent on creating communication flows, as they've already been made for you. These flows should be seen as a suggestion of how to use the chatbot, but they can easily be changed to better suit your needs.

Read more about the Basic Support Bot and how to use this template.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Bot

The ability to create a Do It Yourself (DIY) Bot allows for endless bot types and use cases, and it enables you to build a bot that meets your specific expectations and goals.

The DIY Bot only contains one Module titled Starting module, which means you can build your bot from scratch. Though more time-consuming, this is a great option if you already have a clear idea of how to design the chatbot flow, or you're working on a big chatbot and the Basic Support Bot does not cover your needs.

You can also work from a template in a CSV file, then import Modules to your bot.